It turns out that this is the importance of the first credit card when applying for another credit card

The first time you hear a credit card, people immediately think what is the importance of applying for a credit card for the first time. Credit cards have many advantages and can be used as an easy and simple payment alternative, but there are still many people who feel they don’t need a credit card.

The credit products above will make it easier for you to meet your needs, for example a mortgage or mortgage that will make it easier to buy a house, by way of monthly payments.

You will not be able to pay in installments if you do not have a mortgage, for the lower class to buy a house without installments or cash is difficult because of low financial capacity.

Unlike the rich who can directly buy a house with cash, but you know that not all Indonesians are rich, right?

Therefore, mortgages are needed by the lower classes of society, before making mortgages, you must have other credit products so that the application for mortgages can be accepted by banks. You must first apply for a credit card at a bank before applying for a mortgage.


1. Have a Credit History

1. Have a Credit History

For those of you who have a first credit card, transaction data on the use of an automatic credit card will be recorded at Bank Indonesia.

When applying for credit products, the Bank will easily see credit card transaction data and credit card bill payments at the end of each month.

If you always pay credit card bills always on time, chances are the possibility of submitting the next credit product will be accepted by the bank.

All that because the bank has conducted a credit analysis on credit card transaction data which will be considered when applying for other credit products.


2. Banks Give You Trust.


If you have a credit card for the first time, the Bank indirectly gives you trust by approving your first credit card.

In other words, when you apply for other credit products, the Bank will approve them because you already trust those who already have the first credit card.

Unlike those who do not yet have it, the Bank will think over and over again to give it, because there is no credit history or the first credit card they have.

The bank will approve other credit products if the credit record is good and the payment of current bills, the bank will not hesitate to provide other credit for you.


3. No Defects in Credit Card History

Credit Card History

The third point is almost the same as the previous point, if you have a credit card for the first time then you will have a credit history that will make it easier to apply for a credit card.

Especially if you have more than one credit card, the credit card application opportunities will be even more accepted and have a plus value than those who only have the first credit card.

Banks or financial institutions, will feel that you are a responsible person and always pay off debts and bills when looking at credit history. The bank finally agreed to submit the next credit card.

The three points above are the importance of the first credit card for the next credit because if you already have the first credit card the next credit card submission will automatically be approved if the previous credit card bill payment is smooth.


First Time Credit Card Options

First Time Credit Card Options

After discussing the importance of the first credit card for the next credit card application, now we discuss the choice of the first credit card. When you want to make a credit card for the first time, you must know what type of credit card you want.

You also need to know the function of the proposed credit card, the facilities provided by the credit card, and the benefits of the credit card so that later you will be easier to use the credit card. Can choose a credit card that suits your habits or pleasure, such as traveling or shopping.


Choose which suits your needs and financial capabilities

cash loans

There are various types of credit cards that have their respective advantages such as Citibank Cash Back Visa Platinum which gives you convenience in shopping and many benefits for you.

Well for those of you who are still confused why you have to make a credit card first, I have explained the answer and how to choose the type of credit card.

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